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If you’re a business owner or manager with a large mobile phone fleet, you know firsthand how expensive it can be to manage and maintain those devices. From monthly service fees and data plans to hardware replacements and repairs, the costs can quickly add up. But did you know that implementing a Managed Mobility Solution (MMS) can help you reduce those costs and streamline your mobile phone management process?

Here are 5 simple tips for lowering your mobile phone bills with Managed Mobility Solutions:

  1. Consolidate Your Mobile Phone Plans: One of the main benefits of MMS is the ability to consolidate all of your mobile phone plans under a single contract. This means you can negotiate bulk discounts and more favorable terms with your service provider, ultimately leading to lower monthly fees.
  2. Implement Usage Policies: MMS can help you set and enforce usage policies for your mobile phones, ensuring that employees are only using their devices for work-related purposes. This can help reduce unnecessary data usage and prevent overage charges.
  3. Utilize Mobile Device Management (MDM) Tools: MMS often includes the use of MDM tools, which allow you to remotely manage and secure your mobile devices. With MDM, you can track device usage, set up security protocols, and remotely wipe or lock lost or stolen devices.
  4. Take Advantage of Repair and Replacement Services: Many MMS providers offer repair and replacement services for damaged or faulty mobile devices. This can help you avoid the costly process of repairing or replacing devices on your own.
  5. Use Expense Management Tools: MMS can also include expense management tools to help you track and manage your mobile phone costs. These tools can help you identify areas of unnecessary spending and find ways to cut costs.

In conclusion, implementing a Managed Mobility Solution can be a simple and effective way to reduce your mobile phone costs and streamline your mobile phone management process. From consolidating plans and implementing usage policies to utilizing MDM tools and taking advantage of repair and replacement services, there are many ways that MMS can help your business save money and stay organized.