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As former franchise owners, my wife and I know firsthand the importance of having a strong technology foundation for your business. Unfortunately, not all franchisors prioritize this aspect of their franchisee’s operations.

In my experience, my franchisor did a great job with the physical aspects of setting up my franchise location. They helped me choose the right outdoor signs, advised me on the required type of tile for my store, and even provided guidance on the material and shape for our countertops. However, when it came to technology, we were left to figure things out on our own.

We were left to decide what type (or even if we wanted one) of security system we needed, what brand was the best fit, and how fast our internet connection should be. We also had to consider what type of computers to purchase and why our internet connection was going to be so expensive (our local cable company told us 10 days before we were supposed to open our store that the internet connection was going to be over $30,000 to install, but not to worry because we could defray those costs over 10 years – yikes!), luckily I knew a few people to call and we got a reasonable connection installed in two days.

As a franchise owner, it can be overwhelming to navigate these technical decisions without the support of your franchisor. That’s why it’s so important for franchisors to review their technology stack on a regular basis and provide guidance and support to their franchisees.

Having a company that specializes in technology services can be incredibly helpful in this process. They can provide expertise and handhold franchisees every step of the way, ensuring that their technology is up to date and running smoothly.

But why is it so important for franchisors to review their technology stack in the first place? Here are a few key reasons:

Technology is constantly evolving: Just as with any industry, technology is changing and (hopefully) improving. As a franchisor, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in order to provide your franchisees with the best tools and resources to run their businesses effectively.

Technology is crucial for customer experience: In today’s digital age, technology plays a huge role in the customer experience. If your franchisees are using outdated or inefficient systems, it can lead to frustration and ultimately drive customers away. By regularly reviewing and updating your technology stack, you can ensure that your franchisees are providing the best possible experience for their customers.

Technology can improve efficiency and productivity: By implementing the right technology solutions, franchisees can streamline their operations and improve efficiency. This can lead to increased productivity and ultimately, higher profits.

It’s clear that franchisors should make a regular review of their technology stack a priority. By providing guidance and support to their franchisees and ensuring that they have access to the latest and greatest technology solutions, franchisors can set their franchisees up for success and improve the overall customer experience.